Welcome to the New Dr. Jazz Suite

This historic building dates back to 1850. It was first owned by T.A. Wilson, and for many years by the Freshour Family. It had always been a drug store until 2000, when Paul Krumsieg and his family, who had come to Lebanon from Chicago, gutted the building and began the tedious and time-consuming restoration work. One could find the Krumsieg family working inside and outside the building for a year and a half, getting the building in shape for the grand opening June 7, 2002, when Paul's dream became a reality -- the Dr. Jazz Soda Fountain and Grille. Today you will find visitors and hometowners sitting at the refurbished original soda fountain, enjoying the ice cream which is shipped here by truck from Wisconsin.

Dr. Jazz Suite Living Room

After the ice cream parlor was finished and up and running, the Krumsiegs turned their attention to the second floor of this building, which had been the telephone exchange from 1906 to 1952. Look for the concave grooves in the floor of the living room, made when the operators rolled their chairs back and forth while working on the switchboard. This space, now called the Dr. Jazz Luxury Suite, is designed for visitors to Lebanon, who would like to spend a night or more high atop historic St. Louis Street.